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TVC 2014

2014 Keynotes

Naveen Jain, Hazel Henderson and Eric Drexler bring a plethora of incredible entrepreneurship, technology innovation, visionary and life experience to the table. As a serial entrepreneur, sustainability economist, and molecular nanotechnologist respectively, they are sure to provide unique perspectives on our technological horizons.

Naveen Jain: The Ideas of Futurism and Moon-shot Thinking in Technology Innovation
Hazel Henderson: Today’s Open Source-Solar Age Is Transforming Our Global Future
Eric Drexler: Radical Abundance: Nanotechnology beyond the IT revolution


Moonshot Thinking
Rachel Armstrong, Jim Keravala and Michael Skok explore the world of “Moonshot Thinking” in technology innovation. While Rachel and Jim talk about their groundbreaking work in sustainability architecture and space exploration respectively, Michael will give us his views on business models that shatter paradigms.

Rachel Amstrong: The Black Sky Thinking of Living Architecture
Jim Kervala: The Establishment of Interplanetary Depot & Transportation Infrastructure
Michael Skok: Game Changing Business Models


Future of Our Health
Healthcare is seeing a burgeoning interest in bio/nano-technology based therapies, the electronics revolution in personalized healthcare and the tackling aging. Joanne M. Hackett, Anne Bruinvels and Aubrey de Grey explore these ideas in their talks, and discuss the direction in which our wellbeing is headed.

Joanne M Hackett: Beyond Small Molecule Drugs
Anne Bruinvels: Reverse Engineering Health Care
Aubrey de Grey: Undoing Aging with Regenerative Medicine


Future of Our Population
An innovative revolution in powering consumer electronics is juxtaposed with the technology challenge of providing fundamental electricity to the developing world, by talks from our speakers Hatem Zeine and Lukas Lukoschek. José Mariano López Urdiales meanwhile suggests initial forays into near space flight for our society, and explores the implications of such travel.


Hatem Zeine: The Future – It’s Not What it Used to Be
Lukas Lukoschek: The Challenge of Bringing Electricity to Every Fifth Person in the World
José Mariano López Urdiales: Elevating Planetary Consciousness


Future of Our Economies
Exponential technologies, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and space exploration will all have a powerful influence on the evolution of our global economies. David Wood, Erik de Bruijn and Armen Papazian share their perspectives on these ideas and shed light on how we might envision the technology innovations of today shaping the economies of the future.

David Wood: What Smartphones Teach Us About the Radical Future of Technology, Business, & Society
Erik de Bruijn: Adding a 3rd Dimension to the Internet
Armen Papazian: The Monetization of Space in the Third Millennium

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